Brand Token – Brandvertisor Utopia: Decentralized Shared Economy Advertising Ecosystem Marketing Strategy

Brand Token - Brandvertisor Utopia: Decentralized Shared Economy Ecosystem



Brand Token - Brandvertisor Utopia: Decentralized Shared Economy Ecosystem

Brandvertisor marketing strategy and business models are strongly focused on expansion among ad industry communities – cooperation with external communities on B2B cross-selling, affiliates and white label partnerships


  • During the ICO Marketing Campaign


The ICO campaign is focused not only on gathering funding, but on building massive marketing campaign to gain market share in the new decentralized-shared economy advertising industry trends. ICO marketing campaign includes massive publicity with direct B2B partnership program within the adtech, ad agencies, media buyers, affiliate marketers and future Brandvertisor clients with extra 50 %  bonus at any phase of the token sale for Ad industry related partners and future clients. We will be focused on building massive B2B lead nurturing and funding campaign among ad agencies, adtech partners and marketing communities: – Tim Burd vouching, BHW, Warrior etc marketing forums publicity, newsletters coverage:, ,  We plan to incentivize manually over 10 000 ad industry potential clients and partners and schedule over 200 B2B calls during the ICO period – by giving away 5 % of the token distribution to ad industry participants to build industry experts Brand Token community ( – 14k Linkedin related connections). Then we will focus on crypto VC smart money B2B lead nurturing and calls with potential investors – we have VC friendly invest in equity section which rewards $100k+ investors to have 1 % of equity and same amount of utility Brand Tokens at the current sale stage. For B2C crypto community we plan to use massive publicity marketing campaign as our team has already been involved into few successful ICOs as marketing company and we know what works there: Bounty campaigns built by community leaders, massive crypto DSP display advertising and Facebook, Adwords retargeting, authority influencers, direct journalists outreach for pr & media coverage without the sponsored tag:
Direct investors outreach through Linkedin: 2000+ leading Crypto/VC investors and through emailing inboxed 30000+ accredited investors from:
Access to leading Crypto/VC investors at
Guaranteed PR coverage through PR services, & and direct journalists lists growth, Influencers, podcasts and advertising coverage based on pre-sale reinvestment in marketing budgets.


  • After  the ICO Platform Marketing Campaign:


During the ICO campaign we plan to build newsletters with over 20 000 ad industry professionals and over 100k marketers and crypto community members. Also we plan to gain partnerships with leading marketing influencers, magazines and platforms founders for the EaaS pledging mechanism. Once the platform has new beta with 200k Publishers categorized and white label DSP and EaaS dashboard pledging mechanism – might happen during the ICO period –  we are going to activate all the members to vote which SaaS tools they would like to integrate first and will activate the 5 % giveaway tokens to be converted into USD $ balance credits so the platform starts clients traction. Next stage is to activate affiliate partnerships with community owners.
example: 70k+ active marketers community – cooperation on affiliate and white label reselling of Brandvertisor platform with Tim Burd, AdLeaks Founder. JVZoo, famous bloggers and marketing magazines coverage, custom affiliate campaigns for marketing forums etc. will give the platform publicity on B2C marketing forums campaign among 3-10m+ marketers through ads, newsletters and vouched by admins on affiliate commission posts etc.

Brandvertisor marketplace long term marketing strategy is focused on building community driven and partnerships driven content growth as our content marketing team to focus on ad industry reports, surveys and researches by inviting Brandvertisor members to vote on weekly/monthly surveys for free advertising/EaaS tokens – cheapest marketing invest :). 200 000 publishers profiles + media mentions during the ICO campaign will bring in massive SEO traffic from Google of competitive keyword terms relates to premium publishers websites names: example: : keywords: how to advertise on, advertise on, etc etc. Constantly statistics updates in proper indexed Ajax data vizualizations scripts will bring next level SEO results: Example: Google rankings on major competitive phrases.

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