VOIP on the #Blockchain ICO/STO Marketing strategy

VOIP Marketplace ICO Marketing strategy: B2B Audience

VOIP CPaaS Marketplace listing top CPaaS brands services and solutions on open source & blockchain smart contract fixing tens of issues into VOIP industry like transparency, middleman, arbitrage margins, instant scalability and quality of delivery, future Apps scaling CPaaS needs etc.
1. B2B providers to other service providers, Apps marketplaces and VOIP infrastructures.
2. B2B2C infrastructure providers: Apps, VOIP, games, music industries adoption: Once the B2B clients use the CPaaS services & solutions they can sell to millions of end clients.
3. Open source VOIP developers community: thousands of contributors and tens of thousands developers using the Restcomm open source framework.
We do not target crypto kiddies and crypto speculants, only long term investors who would believe and support our vision.
ICO Marketing Strategy:
Connect B2B to B2B2C to developers community, inspire and educate current VOIP businesses who already have interest in Blockchain and will be the future clients, partners and VOIP(VCs) & Smart Crypto money industry investors to contribute and be part of the VOIP future in the Blockchain age through RCT ICO.
I. PR in Tech medias:
1. Build a list of Journalists and influencers into VOIP, tech and mobile industry
2. some solutions providers: publicize.co – very good starter and around their service to build a list with 100-200 extra journalists on private communication > get to talk on skype with 20-30 > pay initially(1-3K per article depends on the magazine) and later get free publicity by 5-7 constantly working with journalists (might move from BTC to tokens at some point 🙂
.. Since you already have coverage of Telestax and Restcomm in medias and you gained trust among big dev community already .. you can already move to step #II…
II. Build Advisors in VOIP/Open Source & Crypto:
1. VOIP Open Source advisors: Ivelin responsibility to know best advisors from the industry with best networks to distribute the RCT solution and most media authority
2. Tech advisors/ investors that moved to Crypto : Michael Arrington (Techcrunch founder), Marc Andreesen, etc, potential Tech influencers who are fully focused on crypto now ..

3. Crypto advisors: Connect to founders, CTOs, CMOs of community based/app marketplaces crypto coins/tokens:

Pillar, Aeternity (Bulgarian one, might connect you to Nikola 1 of the founders)..  Offer them to integrate the VOIP CPaaS solution into their Blockchain Apps Marketplaces, so they can have VOIP solution I am sure most do not have this yet.

Might connect to advisors and founders of most successful ICOs that invest in other ICOs: Bankex, Wings.ai etc .. those are investors based funds for other ICOs
Since I believe such project with community, open source and covered in media and funded would gain big trust : https://cryptoweekly.co/100/ you can connect directly to biggest names – all you need is 2 names out of the list 🙂 https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/guides/30-most-influential-people-in-the-blockchain-space/
Problem in ICOs is there are too less valuable projects from industry experts especially within open source and built community already, so shoot for the stars.
…Once you have team & advisors and some tech magazines coverage, it’s time to get private sale started, while doing the initial crypto media coverage….
III. Targeted Investors: The investors that you want for 3-5 years, not the pump & dump crypto kiddoes:
1. Smart Crypto Money Investors – VC funds that are targeting crypto –  there are not yet targeted by industry so it’s good to connect to all fame ones at least
1. Connect them on their website
2. Find decision makers on linkedin
3. Build separate Investment white papers, crypto asset management, multiple languages documentation
2. Less smart crypto investors : ICO Pools: https://icopools.io/en/ – this is a service that connects you to 400 ICO pools (aka Telegram groups with ïnvestors”) admins owners of the group, and you discuss with the admin and they charge % of invested through them.. or you can do it manually connecting to ICO pool admins – Use the ICO pools  only to diversify or gain initial small capitals by 20-50k of each pool and try to gather VCs smart money instead for long term.
IV. Crypto Media & Influencers coverage: a must have for crypto investors: ~$100k budget
1. Crypto Media budget: ~ around $60k – Top 20 Crypto magazines – pay per sponsored article : 1-3 k usually, except cointelegraph : 15-25k for massive coverage..
It is a better model to build a list of 100 journalists and get in touch with them on telegram, this way articles will be written not as sponsored and probably will cost less , except COinTelegraph 🙂
2. Crypto influencers: ~ around $50k should be enough, depends on how many languages and countries are covered – $500-5000 depending on the fame of the influencer – connect to the email and telegram from the youtube channel (never pay to someone who connect you first on telegram, always double verify by sending 2 emails at least to original email of the youtube channel for email spoofing..
V. Advertising – B2B custom audience & retargeting are the priority: ~$8k/m
1. Build conversion funnels: lead nurturing into newsletter, retargeting and updating users on ICO progress into bonus %, new partnerships, integrations etc etc, then translating all this + documentation into few languages..
2. Custom audience advertising – since RCT target is B2B, I believe the most important target are the B2B leads nurturing through Linkedin, journalists emails and influencers emails.. all those leads should be oftenly extracted and updated into custom audiences ad campaigns for new media posts on tech magazines, medium posts of ICO and project progress etc to be promoted to targeted 5-15 k custom audience potential investors, journalists and community supporters etc.. ~ $3-5k /m – must have priority model!
3. Retargeting traffic on Google, Facebook approves now ICO advertising if it’s verified with their account managers, Native Ads networks, DSP advertising ~ $5-10k /M
4. Crypto medias and ad networks: $30-100k budget 1-2 months campaign , based on budget can use different crypto medias, DSP and ad networks, direct traffic sources etc.
VI. Airdrop Bounty campaigns: Since we do not target B2C investors , it is a good to have it by paying to professionals from the forums to manage it correctly.. more important is to have good platform for token distribution management , which can be used only for the bounty campaign like https://tokenget.com
VII. Localization:
Based on the countries & languages coverage it is good to build local community for  each bigger langauge and country – so needs to hire 1 full time community manager per each country & language – to make media outreach, journalists, influencers research and discussion – to go to local crypto meetups to look for investors and local partnerships – it is great position for starting students since we are focused on B2B not B2C (otherwise it could be a crypto kiddo from bitcoin forums)
Here is what i offered to clients ICOs on a budget where I am not part of the team:
The vision is to build a community of supporters in dev, media & investors scenes who will work united for the next few years to bring transparency and decentralization for VOIP industry to bring fair pricing for end users and ability for anyone to participate and gain from his experience & creativity and see his work distributed instantly to millions of users on the phone/app :). 



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