Manual Linkedin B2B Outreaching for ICO/STO Investors

In this post I will write step by step our tutorial on Manual Linkedin B2B Outreaching as a Service for Accredited Investors from leading Crypto/VC funds.

You are busy CEO/CMO/Biz Dev/Sales Manager who needs and need to grow your Linkedin account connections & network?
Since Linkedin removed the ability to export your connections contact details like email and phone number, Linkedin remains now only as b2b direct communication network/tool.

For ICO/STO industry we already have curated Crypto/VC lists, but we can R&D customized lists per industry, city & country, position type: advisor, investor etc..

Some case studies & lists examples:


Here is the process we are following with ICO/STO projects, b2b software & white label companies, HR recruiting..:

  1. Choose the most appropriate Linkedin account to grow, based on the campaign & prospects you are targeting.
  2. Log into your Linkedin in Chrome browser and export the account Cookie with EditThisCookie Chrome extention.
    (Here is detailed tutorial:
  3. We import your Cookie into Multilogin App & get a lifetime static IP address from your country/city, so Linkedin activity remains as usual.
  4. We make r&d and prepare lists that will be added with your help, so you final confirm the lists with propects to be grown into your Linkedin.
  5. Then we should prepare few pre-scenario customizable messages with your help.
    Initial message + response messages to schedule call with the investor:

  6. We start adding 40+/80+ connections per day (10 new connections added per hour, so Linkedin activity remains as usual).
  7. Next day we message to new connections with the Initial message and color the leads in Yellow (added connections), Green (Initial message sent) and Red (2nd message sent or the chat requires more detailed look by you, so we transfer the communication that we will Not monitor it anymore).

  8. Then we response/reply 2nd eventually 3rd message and we transfer the communication in Red to you.
  9. Pretty much that’s it :). We can store the leads in Google docs or your sales CRM (Pipedrive, SalesForce..).

We can help by doing the whole process for your Linkedin account growth by manual outreaching as a service for 4 / 8 hours per day -> 22 working days per month for $650/$1300.

If you want a small test drive, we have 1 week trial package for $200.

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