Crypto BTC Mining ICO Marketing Strategy

Investors audience to market: Hardware investors & hardware/video cards companies owners, crypto VCs, crypto-institutional investors, localization VCs, ICO pools, miners and mining investors

Mining is a  broad speculative topic, company has big investment portfolio already and can invite any investor to visit on place in Sofia, make daily/weekly videos updates of process with new investors installations, make sure to give camera access to clients..
Another important aspect of a Mining ICO is to think on the stacking the token so it gains growth: aka should it be security token as investment fund maybe? .. Building up a mining calculator based on the investment is also a nice incentive.
Mining ICO could be build up on stages and to show results of previous stage will build up good trust for more people to invest & reinvest.
I. Content Strategy: Mining is very broad topic, so you need to gain quality content by famous influencers and build quantity for 6 months+ during the whole ICO campaign period
1. Content strategist from crypto-mining scene: Ultimate goal is to build mining community and gain trust/authority of % of the watchers of it to become your client, monopolising by just showing your technology will not bring authority as much as you are part of 20 famous miners, where you organize the community direction.
Starter ideas:
– would be nice to create tutorials on how the installations work – channel in youtube with tutorials under the brand will show authority, invite famous miners with such channels to inspect, test or use your system (on huge discount or free, just for the reviews)
– making video materials with influencers from the mining industry – interviews, doing co-working mining installations – this way they will share on their twitter, youtube, fb instagram channels etc
.. Build content where you can tag the famous ones when sharing and they would love to re-share it on their social channels
– offer free miner trial to thousands of influencers, journalists from the crypto who are not into mining yet – as incentive for the famous already ones in the crypto scene – so they can observe and write a review (you can still pay for the review but let theme xplore in details the system..)
– travel to visit other miners/influencers/ with big setups and video record the discussions and how you both learn from each other – kinda like a crypto mining reality show 😛 That kind of show will gain huge popularity easily among crypto medias and influencers channels as well.
Research on crypto podcasts and go from there.
– Make sure to develop content about every coin that you are mining – many people might find you in google or read article in media or influencer shared for specific coin – some mine just ethereum, some mine bitcoin some mine … making sure to cover with article once per month for every new mining trend, coin, mining machines, laws & legislations etc.. you can rewrite articles from Google Alerts rss feed:
>> Make sure to build campaign based content, where you head your advertising, newsletters, media coverage etc >> all should focus in 1 direction and to repeat and being seen by multiple channels with same message so user gains trust over 3 months period ICO etc..
II. Media, Influencers, journalists coverage:
Once the content processes are being in place and you have new content on weekly basis, next step is to get that content and more being covered in medias, influencers etc:
– Would be nice to have user mining dashboard so people can register and see their functions etc before you go public even with restrictions on 1 by 1 integrated functions and not active functions buttons.. 
1. Media coverage:
A) Tech media, hardware media magazines: build a list of journalists who are writing on the mining or related topics in regular tech, hardware medias:
.. have to connect and talk personally with each journalist and pay initially till they alone start to connect or accept to write for free eventually.
– pay for hardware bloggers, magazines Newsletters to be sent alerting about your mining technology, videos
B) Crypto media is all about money 🙂 If you pay, you get covered.. same with crypto influencers..
So focus on building yourself the viral content, as once you pay it will get published:
– Try to build a list of journalists from main crypto medias and pay directly to the journalist- people don’t trust sponsored articles as much as regular premium ones 🙂 – you can discuss that with every magazine to extra pay to remove sponsored tag, but connecting to end journalist will do best result
2. Crypto & Miners influencers: send miner or  make video with the influencers to directly review as conversation between the founder and the influencer like webinar or like interview while making the miner , make sure to build credibility and interesting videos that will gain sharing.. influencers know best what works best with their audience, but many of them just will say yes to get paid, so request them to think about viral if you pay them bonus for more valuable videos 🙂 they have tens of requests daily, so make sure to pay extra for extra value
Crypto media articles goes about $1-3k each, except cointelegraph $15k+
Crypto influencers each video goes from 500 to 5000 $ , depends on how famous he is
NEVER pay to influencer or journalist who connected you directly through Telegram group channel 🙂 , make sure to verify and get payment wallet by email after exchanging 2-3 emails for email spoofing 🙂

III. ICO Listings, Bounty airdrop campaigns:

1. ICO Listings: There are numerous agencies offering this.. first month list free ones, last month pay for premium listings to stay on 1st page.

2. Bounty campaigns: hire pro team from bitcointalk, make sure to keep it active on bitcointalk itself instead of just on the website, so users keep updating and bumping the post up 🙂 is a nice platform based in sofia who has ICO turnkey solution with token distribution for bounty campaigns, affiliates section for ICO commisssions, KYC etc.
II. B2B Audiences Marketing: Cheap multichannel reach to same B2B decision makers audience: since audience is small – just few thousands decision makers – you can easily advertise to them in facebook, linkedin, google, native ads, banners and retarget, email, boost advertising posts to them and show them trustworthy content from authority advisors, influencers, medias, conferences etc.
1. Video & Mining Hardware B2B decision makers, VCs investing in hardware, IoT, AR/VR (Videos):
A) B2B outreaching process:
> finding & adding decision makers on Linkedin, Google research and expos, events, business listings directories > ask them what they can offer to your mining operation and ICO process > schedule calls and ask them for email to addon to newsletter
> extract linkedin leads > build facebook custom audience to boost advertise to them new media posts on your facebook page – pipeline pricess with outdated pricing 🙂
A.) Build conversion funnels: lead nurturing into newsletter, retargeting and updating users on ICO progress into bonus %, new partnerships, integrations etc etc, then translating all this + documentation into few languages..
B.) Custom audience advertising for B2B, I believe the most important target are the B2B leads nurturing through Linkedin, journalists emails and influencers emails.. all those leads should be oftenly extracted and updated into custom audiences ad campaigns for new media posts on tech magazines, medium posts of ICO and project progress etc to be promoted to targeted 5-15 k custom audience potential investors, journalists and community supporters etc.. ~ $3-5k /m – must have priority model!
2. VC investors, crypto funds investors, institutional investors: 
Same B2B outreaching process + … :
A.) Smart Crypto Money Investors – VC funds that are targeting crypto –  there are not yet targeted by industry so it’s good to connect to all fame ones at least
1. Connect them on their website
2. Find decision makers on linkedin
3. Build separate Investment white papers, crypto asset management, multiple languages documentation
B.) Less smart crypto investors : ICO Pools: – this is a service that connects you to 400 ICO pools (aka Telegram groups with ïnvestors”) admins owners of the group, and you discuss with the admin and they charge % of invested through them.. or you can do it manually connecting to ICO pool admins – Use the ICO pools  only to diversify or gain initial small capitals by 20-50k of each pool and try to gather VCs smart money instead for long term.
III. B2C Audience Marketing:
1. Mining community: Every miner should have better bonus than regular ICO investor, because he is the targeted client
A) Outreach  Mining community groups admins: Telegram , Facebook groups admins – offer them BTC payment to create sticky post with their affiliate link or  use custom bonus code for the group members 🙂

B) Miners boggers, influencers, crypto magazines outreaching: build separate case study content with each and pay for article/post or newsletter send with promotion with custom Coupon/registration code per group, media, blogger, influencers:

example: if influencer is called JohnM > let him give away +15 % bonus for anyone who sign up under “JohnM” registration bonus code

2. Crypto B2C community at all:
SAME A) & B) from previous but for Crypto industry at all: Crypto/bitcoin/ICO groups, bloggers, influencers, medias etc..
C) Bounty campaign: make sure to keep B2C registrations busy with 1-2 newsletters per week to keep doing tasks to earn Tokens/Coins + to share and bring their friends under their affiliate link and to keep up building the Fomo & viral wave.

D) Advertising:

>> Crypto medias and ad networks: $30-100k budget 1-2 months campaign , based on budget can use different crypto medias, DSP and ad networks, direct traffic sources etc.


Retargeting traffic on Google, Facebook approves now ICO advertising if it’s verified with their account managers, Native Ads networks, DSP advertising
IV. Localization Marketing:
Based on the countries & languages coverage it is good to build local community for  each bigger langauge and country – so needs to hire/give % of local biz/ 1 full time community manager per each country & language – to make media outreach, journalists, influencers research and discussion – to go to local crypto meetups to look for investors and local partnerships, even building a local mining community per city like London you can imagine how much work ..
I believe such kind of ICO project like Mining has a lot of potential in each country separately, so make sure to chose entrepreneur-miner-mindset and give him % of the local business to build his own mining investment/business – like Mining infrastructure business franchise 🙂
V. Affiliate Marketing Program: targeted audience : B2C end clients
Mining ICO can have a great in the long run of an affiliate program, because it has long term returns and the FOMO and constant earnings effect will bring in thousands of people.. not only during the ICO investment, but as end clients who want to earn through mining:
Have to be separate simplified product like few packages with lower return and same affiliate commission for each: 300 – 600 -1000 with same 15-20 % lifetime revshare affiliate commission: means if same person keep on reinvesting, the affiliate keep on earning.
This requires converting funnels with landers, banners creatives texts etc, affiliate network software and management team from the affiliate industry to bring other aff networks and aff marketers interest, aff marketing newsletters etc. It’s a costly but ROI profitable operation during and after the ICO for such kind of projects with returns and is very scalable if done right within authority social proven project.. Might develop the affiliate program with $60k budget for wages, development, designers and marketing team + 10 % affiliate commission from investments through the affiliates program for mining equipment for me as a client 🙂
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